Prizes of $1,500 are awarded annually to college and university students to help them be involved in public service by undertaking internships or no-pay/low-pay jobs in the summer or other term. The J. W. Saxe Memorial Fund, 1524 31st Street NW, Washington, DC 20007, has been a 501.C.3 organization since 1984. Contributions are tax-deductible. All funds donated are used solely for prizes.

Brandi Adkins. Lindsey Wilson College 06. For internship with the Medical Center Detox Unit and in community center addiction counseling in her home town, known as “the oxycontin capital of the US.” Plans a career in counseling. From Pikeville, KY.

Sae-Rom Chae. U. Illinois/Chicago 05. Pre-med. For work through Elijah Foundation with HIV/AIDS orphans in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and for leadership on housing issues in Chicago with the Asian American Coalition. Plans to be a doctor. From Arlington Heights, IL.

Ken Russell Coelho. U. Calif/Berkeley 05. For work as community health corps volunteer providing care to minorities and immigrants through Lifelong Medical Ctr, Berkeley, and for ongoing work with Cal Undergrad Public Health Coalition, which he founded. Wants to be a doctor. From Hayward, CA.

Santiago Ekaratne. Yale 07. For internship with Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium in Washington and for earlier work in Sri Lanka in AIDS education. Hopes to study law. From Columbo.

Melissa Fiebelkorn. U. Denver College of Law 07. A former forensic DNA analyst now a law student, for legal work with the Int’l Commission on Missing Persons in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and for ongoing involvement with the Colorado Innocence Project.

Noah Garber. SUNY/Binghamton 05. For internship with the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office and for earlier work with the New York State DA’s Office in Binghamton and with Legal Aid in Queens, NY. From Syracuse, NY.

Christina Powers. Georgetown Law Center 06. For 12 weeks’ work with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network in Boston and for earlier work with the Federal Public Defender’s Office and with the UN High Commission for Refugees in San Jose. A Public Interest Law Scholar from Waterloo, IA.

Kathy Rose. Vassar 05. For teaching in jails and prisons in the San Francisco area throogh the Five Keys Charter School plus involvement with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Berkeley, and for earlier teaching .

Vi Vu. Yale 06. For ongoing work with Vietnamese immigrants in Dorchester, MA, and for internship at Asian Outreach of Greater Boston Legal Services. President and founder of Vietnamese Students Association at Yale. From South Boston, MA.

Sam Walker. Yale 05. For work at “the Registry” for War & Other Crimes in Sarajevo; for human rights work with Humanity in Action; and– as a Yale Public Service Fellow–for teaching with the Footebridge reading program. Wants future in international human rights law. From Montreal.

Eunice Yu. U. Michigan 07. For health and education outreach programs through the Chinese Community Health Resource Center & Chinese Hospital in San Francisco’s Chinatown and for ongoing work with Partners in Health. A Telluride scholar, she hopes to be a doctor. From Ann Arbor, MI.

Winners by Year