J.W. Saxe

The J. W. Saxe Memorial Fund was established by friends and family in memory of Jo W. Saxe (1924-1982) who believed deeply in the need for persons of integrity to serve their countries and communities through public service.

A graduate of Central High School in Philadelphia, he served in the U. S. Army in Europe during World War II. After the war, he completed his B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania and began work in Paris for the Marshall Plan. He subsequently was employed by the French Ministry of Finance to work on economic problems of French-speaking African countries; at the same time, he pursued his doctorate in economics at Oxford University.

He later served as United Nations advisor to the Prime Minister of Togo, was associated with the Harvard University Center for International Affairs, worked with the Agency for International Development, and served in various other capacities for the U. S. government, heading a number of economic missions abroad. At the time of his death at 57 in 1982, he was chief of the international finance division of the World Bank.